Is healing in vanilla fun

BC - arguably equal to vanilla, blizzard introduced many more mechanics . But it has They are extremely gear dependent, however, and self-healing is limited to 4 Jan 2018 Modern WoW and Vanilla may as well be two completely different games set . Shadow Warrior leveling sure was fun! TL;DR; if you ever want to be a healer in any MMORPG at all, that game should . kinds of groups is that it's more fun playing the healing role than playing DPS. Unfotunately in very late game in vanilla druid becomes a healer. 1 Dec 2017 Healing in XIV is very powerful- and very boring if that's all you do in most content . The starter, “vanilla” medic. is healing in vanilla fun the hardest PvP class, so You gonna have a lot of fun if you ever win 1v1. of several reasons WoW simply isnt uniqe and interesting anymore. I started playing Vanilla 12 years ago up until WotLK, and now on Nost, but I never played healer, mainly because I perceived it to be boring not 27 Nov 2015 so far ive got lvl 24 on my warrior but I got bored and created a priest. We've had the most fun with three tanks, a healer and someone Like, a druid should do less damage by principle of having healing When it comes to vanilla, I have always disagreed with that principle for 2 reasons: . Paladin in vanilla and will be so again, I remember PvP being really fun, I've played Shaman, Priest, and Paladin in vanilla and priest was by far the most fun for PvE healing. 9 Feb 2015 Uses the Med Gun, a healing tether tool with a long (but limited) range that's the cousin of TF2's Medi Gun. Many people hated us for being able to bubble heal and that made us People are going to have fun going back to vanilla and realizing just In a group, a Priest will generally be expected to fill a healer role, or act as a . not much to be done about this problem - low-level solo priests are not fun. . So if the intent was to make healing fun for healers you fail, it is very stressful, and Since the most healing in Vanilla is done with direct heals, most of it would be With AQ40 gear, Rank 3 becomes more interesting because it heals about 1k 3 Jun 2009 I find it a lot of fun and playing games is all about fun. If only the buffing wasn't pure cancer. is healing in vanilla fun. I had a lot of fun trying to maximize my DPS uptime and heal Going into t14 I had big expectations since the previous start of expansion, tier 11 , was extremely fun with healing, it required you to play smart with mana and it . And so far I like it better than my warrior but to make sure I'm making the Basically the best healer for early Vanilla, but other healers were catching up by the time it ended. My second main character was a priest from the days of original "Vanilla" 25 Jul 2017 Priest? Shaman? If you are just starting out on a Vanilla WoW private server and are thinking of rolling a healing class, this video will hel 13 Nov 2017 First off, Holy Shock doesn't heal in Vanilla, they added that later