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Making generalizations about the terrorist threat across the Indo Asia Pacific, lone wolf or otherwise, is of limited value, said Rabasa, emphasizing the vast area of the region and the variety of populations among its countries. These lone wolves are less predictable than those Terrorist Attacks Why It's So Hard to Track a 'Lone Wolf'. So-called "lone wolf" terrorists, like the man behind the mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, are difficult for authorities to monitor -- but Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric is no solution. Seemingly lone-wolf He is the author of two critically acclaimed books on terrorism, The Terrorist Trap: America’s Experience with Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terrorism: NCJ Number: NCJ 248691 : Title: Lone Wolf Terrorism in America: Using Knowledge of Radicalization Pathways To Forge Prevention Strategies Terrorism is a contested and intensely political concept, and there is neither academic nor policy consensus on its definition. This paper deals with the medical perspectives of the Watch an international panel of experts discuss the alarming increase in so-called lone wolf terrorism. The narcissism is an obstacle to affiliating with an actual terrorist group, the psychiatrists pointed out After the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Lone Wolf attacks in the U. ] In the United States, however, lone-wolf attacks are usually more deadly. The shadow of a new threat seems to be darkening the national security landscape: the lone-wolf terrorist. Ganor is the dean and Ronald Lauder Chair for Counter-Terrorism at FBI Director James Comey warned Congress on Tuesday that homegrown terrorist attacks are an increasing threat to the United States. The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies hosts a discussion on recent attacks by so-called 'lone wolf' terrorists in the U. Problem GrowingThe term “lone wolf” is a relatively new one, but the phenomenon of lone wolf terrorism is one which is growing in both the United States and abroad. [Yes, mass shootings tend to produce copycats. those who undergo radicalization in a group setting. “Lone wolf” white male terrorists have increasingly been on the The GAO’s April report indicated lone wolf mass shooters are a terrorist category on 49 people were killed in an Orlando nightclub by a man who seemingly acted alone. And they will continue prowling for prey, undeterred, until we recognize them as such. The United States (US) is the primary target among western states for lone wolf terrorist (LWT) attacks, and the frequency of attacks continues to increase. I would have thought the IDF would have done this a long time ago. : Put new text under old text. A lone wolf refers to a person who commits an act of terror alone without any material help from outside forcer and outside of any command structure. From President Obama on down, U. Critical Studies on Terrorism, September 2017 An outstanding manual for professionals and criminology students, as well as an interesting (and easy to understand) book for everyone. Lone-wolf terrorists could “strike at any moment,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Sunday. While attacks such as the one in New York may have carried out by one person, calling such attack the work of a “lone wolf” is deceiving. REUTERS. Lone actor terrorists, also referred to as “lone wolves” in media reports, have raised new concerns about the ability to prevent terrorist attacks when it is an individual seemingly acting on his own. While much remains to be learned about Sayfullo Saipov, he fits the pattern of the new lone-wolf terrorist, which has become so pervasive and proven so difficulty to combat Daniel Byman contextualizes the recent increase in lone wolf terrorism and provides recommendations for dealing with it. So do terrorist attacks. Lone Wolf. THE LONE WOLF TERRORIST: AN EMERGING THREAT 3 Abstract The terrorism threat is multifaceted and ever-present; this as a result of terrorism taking on all With the road from desire to destruction fraught with obstacles, the "lone-wolf" terrorist capable of causing mass casualties is a rare individual indeed. The term “lone wolf” is often used to describe individuals who act alone to commit terrorist acts. The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism by Mark S. 1 Summary The troublesome question of how and whether to consider what are commonly referred to as Lone Wolf terrorists within the broader roster of terrorist groups is something that has Jun 11, 2016 · Initial reports indicate that Mateen is a lone wolf, inspired by a terrorist group’s ideology but not under its operational control. Domestic terrorism and related radical violence — as opposed to terrorist attacks emanating from abroad — continue to plague the nation. This study also reveals that the vast majority of this violence is coming from “lone wolves” or “leaderless resistance” groups, most of the latter composed of just two men. The recent wave of terrorist attacks against Israelis during the last 6 months has been characterized mainly by stabbings and shootings events usually carried out by individuals. Lone-wolf terrorism is political violence perpetrated by individuals who act alone; who do not belong to an organized terrorist group or network; who act without the direct influence of a leader or hierarchy; and whose tactics and methods are conceived and directed by the individual without any direct outside command or direction. There’s something about ‘lone wolf terrorism’ debates that stinks. Lone wolves also engage in less precursor activities than group actors, but are willing to travel greater distances to prepare for and execute attacks. Hamm and Ramón Spaaij. Here are seven other recent cases of lone wolf Islamic attacks inside the United States in recent years: Yusuf Ibrahim. Unlike classic Islamic terrorism, it requires no cells stretching across countries the way that 9/11 did. Recognizing the difference between “ISIS inspired” and “ISIS directed” attacks is vital. Even among attention-starved, isolated murderous fanatics, the warning signs are there. Lone wolf attacks are often motivated by political, religious, and/or ideological reasoning. May 01, 2017 · Terrorism has outmaneuvered law enforcement. lone wolf terrorism. This category of lone wolves is also unique, since, with the exception of cults that commit terrorist acts, there are really no idiosyncratic terrorist groups in operation. That’s not true in every particular case, of course. Lone wolf terrorist attacks are not on the rise as popular culture might lead one to believe -- but the attacks are changing for the worse, according to research by an Indiana State University professor. The study by the Southern Poverty Law Center contradicts the popular notion that the Islamic State and other jihadists pose the primary terrorist threat in the US. Lone wolf terrorism has so far engendered few empirical studies or government reports and little textbook information. Feb 26, 2013 · Some say that a new era in terrorism is emerging, with the “lone wolf” terrorist front and center. The 19 men who carried out the attacks were jihadis who had been hand picked, trained, equipped and funded by Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaida, and a small group of close associates. Through a report funded by the National Institute of Justice, researchers sought to examine 1 Introduction Today, terrorism takes many forms. can expect to see more lone wolf attacks in the coming years. The boundaries of lone wolf terrorism are fuzzy and arbitrary. The attackers are usually citizens of the country that they are attacking, so they cannot Lone Wolf Terrorism Lewis W. Hamm and Ramon Spaaij provides the national security professional with an exceptional overview and appreciation of this growing problem facing the United States and its partners. After 13 years of a spectacularly destructive and unnecessary "War on Terror" it is disheartening that this must be said, but it's better to say it now, before its legend grows: fear not the "lone wolf. Lone wolf terrorism remains an ambiguous and enigmatic phenomenon. From a security perspective, lone wolves are much harder to prevent because there is no conspiracy to detect. Recent attacks in Canada and New York City by homegrown, lone-wolf terrorists remind us again that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. One particularly insidious concern that touches all forms of domestic extremism is the lone offender—a single individual driven May 09, 2015 · Lone-wolf terrorists could “strike at any moment,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Sunday. Topics included the motivations and various tactics of lone wolf terrorists and the challenges faced by law enforcement officials. Stopping the next Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Syed Farook, or Omar Mateen is likely to be a lot more difficult than the politicians on either side of the aisle are leading us to believe. Attacks in Europe and the United States by individuals claiming allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) have been dismissed as "lone-wolf" attacks, but are connected to broader jihadist networks. National security specialists often say the hardest terrorist to track down is the one who acts alone, who is not a member of a terrorist group like al-Qaida. In this interview, Hamm explains the difference between mass violence and terrorism and discusses the ways in which many lone wolf terrorists use public forums to broadcast their intent to commit terrorist acts. history,” has brought newfound urgency and attention to lone wolf violence and terrorism. . An Israeli expert on terrorism believes the U. Jul 14, 2016 · Rethinking Lone Wolf Terrorism : Parallels Individual attacks have failed to make a long-term impact. Lone wolf terrorists are a nightmare for the counterterrorism organizations, police and intelligence communities as they are extremely difficult to stop. A Summary by Mary DeRosa. TCT 410 Lone Wolf Terrorism. Lone wolf terrorism is the biggest trend in Islamic terrorism. In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, America can learn a few vital lessons on how to stop the next “lone wolf”–type assault. 2003: 57). Tuesday’s attack in New York City conforms to a pattern of terrorism that has become all too common over the past few years. This is an archive of past discussions. Lone Wolf Terrorism and the Influence of the Internet in France By Meredith Boyle CISLA Senior Integrative Project Professor William Rose Spring 2013 There is a long history of jihadist lone wolf activity, Before Isis’ rise, studies of lone-actor terrorism failed to identify clear personality characteristics. Dec 05, 2015 | 10:07 PM . Lone-Wolf Terrorism: A Symptom of the Deepening Social Crisis, by David Rosen , New Politics Though, as horrible as the result of a “lone wolf terrorist” can be, they are just a small fraction of individuals who go without help. The attacks in Paris drew international attention to the shifting face of global terrorism. Lone wolf (terrorism) A lone wolf, lone-wolf terrorist or lone actor is someone who prepares and commits violent acts alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group. The perpetrators don’t even need to enter the country under false pretenses the way that the World Trade Center bombers did. There’s no such thing as ‘lone wolf’ terrorism. officials have long expressed worry about "lone wolf" attacks motivated by extremist Since early 2014, at the latest, the Islamic State (Isil) has been plotting terrorist attacks in Europe. European security agencies are facing ever-harder challenges to try and prevent 'lone wolf' terror attacks, according to the continent’s policing agency. Be in the know! Recent attacks in Canada and New York City by homegrown, lone-wolf terrorists remind us again that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. There’s only one problem with the rising crescendo of alarm about lone wolves: most Domestic and international terrorism has arrived on the home front of the U. Reb_Yaakov. Jeffrey Simon’s chilling and compelling account of the rise of lone-wolf terrorism proves prescient, as the recent There's been a big increase in so-called lone-wolf terrorist attacks, according to a new study, which also revealed characteristics of lone-wolf terrorists. This course provides an overview of one of the principal categories of terrorism from the Cold War through the current era. To say that lone wolf terrorism is a neglected field of research is an understatement. Why the ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist is a myth see all stories President Obama says don’t worry, the Orlando terrorist was just another “lone actor” operating in isolation, unconnected to any larger group of supporters. between lone wolf terrorism and related non-terrorist lone actor phenomena, which can enable policy transfer with regard to detection, prevention and treatment. Isolated individuals using firearms with high-capacity magazines are com Lone Wolf Terrorists An alert public – unbiased and calmly reporting irrational behavior – may be the best defense against the lone wolves of terrorism. The separate terror attacks in Canada and a long string of terror attacks here in Oct 22, 2014 · After a pair of attacks in Canada this week that officials labeled as terrorism, counterparts in the USA are reacting with offers of cooperation — and a sense of apprehension. The fifth type of lone-wolf terrorist is the idiosyncratic lone wolf, who is motivated largely by personal demons. " All you have to fear is the myth of terror itself. Argument The Islamic State and the End of Lone-Wolf Terrorism From Manchester to Orlando, the followers of the Islamic State aren’t operating “alone” anymore. This article aims to define and analyze the main features and patterns of lone wolf terrorism in fifteen countries. are on the rise. They are never Shia. He or she may be influenced or motivated by the ideology and beliefs of an external group and may act in support of such a group. indicate that lone wolf terrorism in America is not on the rise. Dec 31, 2012 · Lone wolf terrorism is the new catchy term being over used by by the news factories like CNN and Fox. We’ll do everything to prevent terrorist attacks, but are seemingly powerless against white male shooters. It is important to fully understand the definition of lone wolf terrorism and not to classify all individual attacks as a form of lone wolf terrorism. In April, 28-year-old Yusuf Ibrahim was indicted for two 2013 beheadings. Yahoo News talked to terrorism experts about what makes lone wolf attacks so difficult to increase of lone wolf terrorism due to mounting appeals in Islamist circles to strike against the West as a lone operator. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. Executive Summary. Some lone wolf terrorists are motivated not by hate, but by love. The definitions incorporated in literature concerning Lone One of the few commonalities that lone wolf Islamist terrorists share—whether in San Bernardino or now Philadelphia—is their Sunni Muslim background. Fifteen years later, a terrorist used a rented truck to kill 86 people on a seafront promenade in Nice, France, illustrating a different kind of threat that the West is increasingly facing: individuals Each terrorist act becomes a model for emulation, sparking a vicious cycle that is fueling a terrorist epidemic. our focus on the subjects of terrorist acts implies that lone-wolf terrorism should not be viewed as a separate category with regard to its ideological foundations. s) states, the …solitary nature of lone wolf terrorism What drives the lone wolf terrorist to commit mass violence? What are their ideologies and motivations? How do they plan and carry out their attacks, and who do they target? Lone wolf (terrorism) A lone wolf or lone-wolf fighter is someone who commits violent acts in support of some group, movement, or ideology, but does so alone, outside of any command structure. Mark Hamm is studying lone wolf terrorism in the United States and how such terrorists become radicalized. All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect Finding 2: Four Measurable Trends in Lone Wolf Terrorism Preventing Lone Wolf Terrorism: some CT Approaches Addressed. After a brief discussion of the epistemological and phenomenological difficulties associated with the concept of lone wolf terrorism, a number of possible counter-terrorist approaches are discussed. Each and every time another dastardly jihadist terrorist attack is inflicted on the world, headlines emerge that the savagery was carried out by a “lone wolf” terrorist. Extremists acting on their own to carry out so-called “lone wolf” terrorist attacks are difficult to predict and extremely hard to stop, an expert has warned in the wake of a knife assault on the London underground. This paper begins with a brief literature review, and then proceeds to examine trends and developments using the dataset from Appendix A. In the United States, Omar Mateen, a loser who pledged himself to the Islamic State as he attacked a gay nightclub in Florida, killed 49 people in the deadliest terrorist attack on U. Here's how intelligence analysts can help predict a lone wolf terrorist. This month, Europe has again been rocked by a series of shocking terrorist attacks perpetrated by lone individuals and claimed in the name of the Islamic State (ISIS). The long-term trend away from violence planned and committed by groups and toward lone wolf terrorism is a worrying one. Combatting Domestic Terrorism . In addition, we look into the challenge of A social psychologist studied terrorism case histories and reached a surprising conclusion. But they began attracting special attention from the national security community more than a decade ago when Al Qaeda started encouraging them. By Cindy Chang and Richard Winton. Dr. Lone-wolf terrorist attacks are extremely difficult to prevent because assailants operate solo and, therefore, often under the radar of law enforcement. One was the international conference on “Lone Wolf Terrorism” organized by the National Centre for Terrorist Threat Assessment (November 1-2, 2011) in Stockholm, at which the writer delivered an academic paper. Lone wolf terrorism is historically rare, but as officials and former officials such as Panetta warn with increasing heat, the easy and comforting belief, long part of the US public diplomacy--that the US faces terrorist networks that are essentially “out there,” not “in here”--looks less and less true. The Southern Poverty Law Center warns of the rise of lone-wolf terrorism. Dec 04, 2015 · Local authorities are the first line of defense on 'lone wolf' terrorism. You could multiply such statements many times over. Their motives are frequently a tangle of personal and political grievances, societal alienation, and mental health issues. A social psychologist studied terrorism case histories and reached a surprising conclusion. Introduction to the Special Issue on Lone Wolf and Autonomous Cell Terrorism The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism does manage to break the typical mould of terrorism studies. In most countries, attacks by terrorist groups are usually far more deadly than those by lone wolves. Several major developments on the Israeli-Palestinian front may increase the likelihood of continued “lone wolf” terrorist attacks targeting Israelis combined with already planned chaos in the coming weeks. Lone wolf terrorism is a growing phenomenon, and research on the topic is severely lacking1. But that question is misguided: Lone attackers operating under a About Lone Wolf Terrorism. The phenomenon was identified in the 2015 Global Terrorism Index report as the primary form of terrorist attacks on Western countries. The United States can play an important role in countering the international threat of lone wolf terrorism. On July 14, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a Tunisian national residing in France, killed over 80 and wounded hundreds when he ploughed The Southern Poverty Law Center warns of the rise of lone-wolf terrorism. 11, 2001, attacks were extremely deadly. But recently, lone wolves have proved extremely deadly and may be inspiring others to act, says counter-terrorism analyst Dan Byman. by Edwin Bakker and Beatrice de Graaf [1] Abstract. INTRODUCTION Lone wolf terrorism is arguably becoming one of the most important trends in terrorism today (Hoffman, 2006; Joosse, 2015). It’s not just the single shooter killing dozens and injuring hundreds in Las Vegas, but also shootings in Washington and Texas shopping centers. Europol says recent attacks have shown how hard it is to “detect and disrupt suspects. Hamm explains the diffe A ccording to the Global Terrorism Index, lone wolf attackers are the main perpetrators of terrorist activity in the West. ” None of these attacks are thought to be directly connected to al-Qaeda or Islamic State (ISIS) operatives. About Lone Wolf Terrorism. The failure to fully grasp the idea of lone wolf terrorism will undermine the counterterrorism efforts in Indonesia. Nor is there a professional consensus on the definition of the crime. But while this nation’s commitment to individual liberty is one of its greatest strengths, it is also a vulnerability: In order to eradicate the risk of further terrorist attacks, America Attacks in Dallas, Nice, Munich and elsewhere have raised public awareness of lone attackers, most of whom are unaffiliated with an organized terrorist group. the field of foreign intelligence surveillance. LONE WOLF TERRORISM: TYPES, STRIPES AND DOUBLE STANDARDS Khaled A. 11 attacks, al-Qaeda showed just how much destruction a well-organized terrorist network could wreak through coordinated strikes. The lone wolf is the new face of terror — so where's the silver bullet? Manhattan — are the new and deadly face of terrorism. At around half past three in the afternoon on May 24, 2014, a man wearing a baseball cap and armed with a Understanding Lone Wolves: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Comparative Analysis Lone wolf terrorists have long been a troublesome issue for policymakers and intelligence agencies: their isolated and withdrawn nature makes it difficult to proactively gather information about their potential malicious intentions. This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website. A fter 9/11, lone-wolf terrorism suddenly seemed like a distraction from more serious threats. Katie Gorka of the Council on Global Security has released an important report, “The Flawed Science Behind America’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy,” and events of this week show that it couldn’t be more timely. With regard to the number of dead and wounded and the degree of damage they cause, the lone wolf attacks are limited compared to the use of explosive charges, shootings or suicide bombings. Policymakers and chief risk officers are today confronted with a different type of threat: the lone-wolf terrorist — a terrorist who acts in support of a group or ideology but does so alone without the supporting structure of an organization. ” Ramón Spaaij, Understanding Lone Wolf Terrorism: Global Patterns, Motivations and Prevention (Springer, 2012) North American interest in lone-wolf terrorism is at an all-time high following several high-profile incidents. Lone Wolf Terrorism – A Brief Bibliography The Challenge of Lone Wolf Terrorism In San Bernardino and elsewhere, Islamists may be employing leaderless resistance tactics once used by neo-Nazis. As Schmid notes, “the term is used promiscuously for such a wide range Jul 08, 2016 · Similar to Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, the suspect in Atlanta had murky motives and no clear affiliations. However, there is an emergent aspect to the terrorism threat that is rearing its head, the Lone Wolf. But the government can do more than fight with raw power. Acts of terror inevitably raise the question, ‘why?’. The year 2016 was the year of the Lone Wolf terrorist. The Lone Terrorist 01 Lone wolf terrorism is a growing threat largely due to the wide array of terrorist propaganda and recruiting materials available on the Understanding Lone-actor Terrorism: A behavior so difficult to stop, or as Phillips ( r s s, p. I am constantly asked how governments can defend against this new threat. Hamm is studying lone wolf terrorism in the United States and how such terrorists become radicalized. Since 2006, 98% of all deaths from terrorism in the US have resulted from attacks carried out by lone actors, resulting in 156 deaths, according to the index. imprisoned lone wolf terrorists, and a comparative analysis distinguishing lone wolves from. Jul 18, 2016 · The Only Way to Prevent Lone Wolf Attacks. or in some way connected to. Mark S. lone wolf terrorism This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. Dickson 3 1. Attacks by lone operator terrorists provide the most puzzling and unpredictable form of terrorism. The five categories of lone wolf terrorist are: Secular (Tim McVeigh); Religious; Single-issue; Criminal; and the Idiosyncratic (Ted "Unabomber" Kazcynski). clearly extend beyond the scope of formal organization. I can’t quite find a singular source of the smell, but after further investigation, it seems the relatively recent surge in the use of the category ‘lone wolf’ to describe individual acts of political violence draws on "The best response is returning to the fundamental principles of inclusion, freedom and tolerance. Jun 12, 2016 · Why ‘lone wolf’ attacks are almost impossible to prevent. soil since the 9/11 attacks. There has been a tendency, including during the wave of attacks in the last month in Europe, to favour the "lone wolf" explanation for Isil-claimed terrorist attacks, where the killer's only Lone wolf terrorism (LWT) is not a novel security threat. Problem background and significance. That is why there appear to be so many more questions than answers in the aftermath of Omar Mateen’s murderous attack on a gay club in Orlando. Thus, the perpetrators are being nicknamed “lone wolves”. Dec 10, 2017 · In the Sept. , Europe, the Middle East,… 3 INTRODUCTION Lone Wolf Terrorism Lone wolf terrorism is exceedingly difficult to detect and therefore prevent. Do not edit the contents of this page. Currently, Western governments indicate that they have no intelligence to confirm that lone wolf terrorists are currently planning violent attacks. Beydoun ABSTRACT—The recent spike in mass shootings, topped by the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas massacre, dubbed the “deadliest mass shooting in modern U. S. Introduction. The reality is that this type of terrorism is not new at all, in fact it goes back a long time. Foreword by Simon Cottee. And, unfortunately, because of the absence of AGE OF THE WOLF A Study of the Rise of Lone Wolf and Leaderless Resistance Terrorism the southern poverty law center is a nonprofit organization that combats Lone wolf terrorism and mass killings can be argued to be a global phenomenon today. Similarly, Jasparro (2010) has examined fourteen case studies of the Lone Wolf terrorism and discovered that in most cases, religion had not been the initial motivation of anger or/and radicalization. ISIS has built a sophisticated network that allows such individuals to be encouraged, tutored and ideologically supported every step of their twisted journey from the inception of the idea to the execution of a terrorist attack. Close. From Anders Breivik in Norway, who murdered scores of young people in a bombing and mass-shooting attack, to Omar Mateen, the Orlando killer who perpetrated the worst mass shooting in American history, lone wolves have demonstrated that they can be as dangerous as organized terrorist groups. The results of this study suggest that lone wolf terrorists are more educated and socially isolated than group-based actors. 11, 2001, 76% of lone-wolf terrorists have publicly revealed their plans in the weeks and hours before an attack, according to the "largest and most comprehensive database ever created on lone-wolf terrorism” in the US. In the United States terrorism incidents such as the attack in 1995 in Oklahoma by Timothy McVeigh and the September 11th attack in 2001, have led to the realization that lone wolf terrorism posses a grave threat to the safety of the public. Isolated individuals using firearms with high-capacity magazines are committing brutally efficient killings wi Lone Wolf Terrorism Israeli counterterrorism experts and scholars from Georgetown University and the Washington Institute talked about the threat of lone wolf terrorism. Lone Wolf Terrorism Prospects and Potential Strategies to Address the Threat A new book based on research, a Real Time Delphi study, and expert insights This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Lone wolf (terrorism) article. Generally, Lone Wolf terrorism has often been an attack not only on the subject, but also on the socio – political structure the subject represents. Report: Lone Wolf Terrorism by the Security Studies Program National Security Critical Issue Task Force, Georgetown University. Strictly in terms of lethality, the data. In addressing terrorism as a national security threat, . Lone Wolf Terrorism. Research has shown that there is no profile of individual characteristics of group-based terrorists, but profiling the characteristics of lone wolf terrorists may yet be possible. Fifteen years later, a terrorist used a rented truck to kill 86 people on a seafront promenade in Nice, France, illustrating a different kind of threat that the West is increasingly facing: individuals With no affiliation and little or no clues to their existence, lone wolf terrorists are emerging as one of the most frequent threats in the United Sta This compilation was prepared by the Homeland Security Digital Library, Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security. However, the rise of the self-radicalized lone wolf terrorist has created an increasing dilemma in today’s May 07, 2018 · In the Sept. An age-old phenomenon, the lone wolf terrorist has emerged as the new face of terror. " Wolf Terrorism’, report, 2007; Matthew Feldman, ‘Comparative Lone Wolf Terrorism: Toward a Heuristic Definition’, lone-actor terrorism are omitted, Lone-wolf terrorists may identify or sympathize with extremist movements. Since Sept. In an interconnected world, so-called “lone wolf” jihadists are almost always part of a lethal pack. From Anders Breivik in Norway, who murdered scores of young people in a bombing and mass-shooting attack, to Nidal Malik Hasan in the United States, who killed many of his fellow soldiers after ope Lone wolf attacks are rare — there have been perhaps 100 successful politically motivated attacks pulled off by a solo actor in the United States since the 1940s. But, are these individuals really acting alone? How Alone Are Lone Wolves? Human beings, like many other As the White House prepares to host a major summit this week examining the threat of violent extremism, a new study of domestic terrorism released last week finds that the vast majority of this violence is coming from “lone wolves” or “leaderless resistance” groups composed of no more than Lone offender attacks – sometimes called “lone wolf” attacks – make headlines fairly regularly. The long-term trend away from violence planned and committed by groups and toward lone wolf terrorism is a worrying The Challenge of Fighting Lone Wolf Terrorism. We often struggle to give meaning to these acts. On July 31, Boaz Ganor, Bruce Hoffman, Marlene Mazel, and Matthew Levitt addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute. Lone Wolf Terrorism: This important work offers much for a general, concerned audience, as well as for specialists charged with combating terrorism. In this interview, Dr. The lethality of lone-wolf terrorism has reached an all-time high in the United States. The Sept. May 09, 2013 · Dr. The most dangerous aspect of lone wolf terrorism is the difficulty that law enforcement agencies have in gathering intelligence to prevent attacks. Terrorism After 9/11: Dealing With Lone Wolves By Victoria Bekiempis On 9/13/15 at 10:40 AM A masked man speaks in this still frame from a video released by Islamic State militants in September 2014